Brief Introduction of Lushan Global Geopark

Lushan Global Geopark is located in the north part of Jiangxi Province. It is located south of Yangtze River and to the east of Poyang Lake. It covers an area of 548 k㎡. The population in the core zone is about 10,000. The average elevation on the top of the mountain is around 1200m above sea level. In 1996 Lushan was admitted into the UNESCO World Heritage list as the 1st World Cultural Landscape in China. In 2004  Lushan became one of the 1st global geoparks in the Global Geopark Network.

Lushan is a famous mountain for its unique multi-genetic complexed landforms. It has typical mountain quaternary glaciations in the east of China, horst fault-blocking mountain and metamorphic core complex structures. Its landforms are intergraded with botany, culture and history. The landscape is dense with forest, running brooks, valleys, mountain peaks and waterfalls. Foreign villas in different styles and multiple religions abound. The deep culture connotation, the history and the continued western and Chinese cultural development have led to this place being called “the Sacred Mountain”.