Lushan Global Geopark Participating the 4th Asia-Pacific Geopark Network Symposium
With the purpose of communicating and cooperating with other global geoparks and preparing for the globle geoparks evaluation every four years as well, as invited, Lushan delegation participated the 4th Asia-Pacific Geopark Network Symposium held in San’in Kaiga, Japan from 16th -19th September, 2015.

Themed with networking and society, the symposium was divided into ten sub-meetings . 9 among 22 applying geoparks got approval to be global geoparks after experts voting were declared in the symposium. Dun Huang and Zhi Jindong geoparks became the 32th and 33th global geoparks in China.

Initiated by Geo-environment department of Land Rescources Ministry and Geoparks Network Office, China Global Geopark meeting ,which delivered the decision that China would hold the 2017 Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium and some other domestic issues ,like geoparks conferences and trainings and so on was carried out during the symposium .

Lushan’s particpation is a successful and effective foreign exchange, which is beneficial to geopark management and construction, geo-tourism development, conservation in ecology and culture.

Opening Ceremony

China's Geoparks Meeting