Representatives of Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen have exchange activities in Lushan ...

  From April 16th to 18th, 2021, a four people delegation of Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, led by Vice Consul,Ms.Elaine Mae V. Laruan-Hernandez visited and had exchange with Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark.Mr. Guohong ZHANG, party committee member of Lushan UGGp Committee, deputy director of Lushan Administrative Bureau,Ms.Lili ZENG, Director of World Heritage Management Office of Lushan Municipality, and Lushan Administrative Bureau,Mr. Qiang DUAN,Fourth-level Consultant of Jiujiang Municipality Office,Ms. Yan YING, Chief of Jiujang Municipality Foreign Affairs Section, Mr. Peter Li, Vice?President?of Liwayway(China) Co., Ltd, Mr.  Giovanni Dy,senior manager of Liwayway(Jiangxi)Co., Ltd, participated in this exchange.

   This visit is the first international exchange in Lushan UGGp this year, which included the Meeting Between Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen and Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark,Lushan Administrative Bureau, the Opening Ceremony for Photo Exhibit on the Philippine UNESCO-World Heritage Sites and Bohol, and the visit in Lushan UGGp.

    Jiangxi and Bohol are sister provinces and Mt. Lushan and Chocolate Hills are sister mountains.In 2009 and 2010, Chocolate Hills participated of the 1st and 2nd World Famous Mountains Conference held in Lushan. Performers from Chocolate Hills participated  the Night of Kuling International Music Festivals held in Lushan UGGp in 2010.In May 2011, delegation from Lushan UGGp participated the Bohol-Jiangxi Friendship Day in Bohol Province.There have been very good cooperation and frequent personnel exchanges.The co-hosted Photo Exhibit on the Philippine UNESCO-World Heritage Sites and Bohol organized by Lushan UGGp and Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen records interested customs and culture of Bohol Province and Chocolate Hills from  unique perspective, introduced six UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites,such as Baroque Church,Historic Vigan City, Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, Puerto Princesa  Subterranean River National Park, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park,and Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary.

    After visiting the Photo Exhibit, Vice Consul and her delegation visited Ru Qin Lake Firn-basin,Tian Qiao Glacial Spillway (Heavenly Bridge),Immortal Cave, an underground erosion cave,Haopokou Glacial U- Valley, Lushan Botanical Garden, Meilu Villa, Lushan Geo-museum,Lushan Lushan Stone Carvings Museum,Lushan Poetry Museum.This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. To this end, Lushan UGGp  showed red cultural and historical sites such as Poetry Garden of President Mao Zedong and Other National Leaders in Lushan, Lulin No.1 Museum, and Former Site of Lushan Conferences for the vice consul and her teams to have a better understanding of  Lushan's abundant red cultural history and magnificent history of Party-building.

   Vice Consul,Ms.Elaine said that although very different in features, the Chocolate Hills and Lushan have much in common--both has unique geological phenomena,  both become a  popular tourist spot for both local and international tourists, and both become part of the national identity, having been known throughout the world., After the pandemic, she hope the partnership will be strengthened so as to learn from each other, in terms of conservation, management of tourists, and many other field.The visit and exchange of the delegation led by Vice Consul,Ms.Elaine is a pragmatic achievement of strengthening cooperation and deepening friendship, will open a new chapter for mutual learning and mutual learning between the two sides.
   By making full use of international and domestic resources and markets, Lushan UGGp showcases the characteristic of cultural sacred mountain with a long history, world heritage site cultural landscape, summer resort and alpine international village, said Mr. Guohong Zhang, Lushan global geopark will promote the brand of Lushan, A leisure paradise with a long cultural history(Lushan Tianxiayou)", and activate the "six advantages" of famous mountains, famous lakes, famous villas, famous tea and famous Springs
   These activities all contribute to a promotion the brand of Lushan UGGp and also increased awareness and sustainable development of global geopark.