Tian Qiao Glacial Spillway (Heavenly Bridge)

Tian Qiao Glacial Spillway is located in-between Xi Gu and Jin Xiu Gu glacial U- Valleys. The glacier from Xi Gu Valley flowed into Jin Xiu Gu Valley through Tian Qiao glacial spillway. It eroded the spillway gradually into a natural stone bridge which collapsed 630 years ago.

Legend has it that Zhu Yuan Zhang1328-1398AD, the 1st emperor of the Ming Dynasty, fought with Chen You Liang on Po Yang Lake. He was defeated, fled to Lushan and ended upon a precipice with no where to go. A golden dragon appeared from the heaven and turned into a bridge that helped Zhu’s group escape. The dragon then flew away and the bridge collapsed just in time. The bridge was subsequently called Heavenly Bridge . The story of the collapsing bridge originated while Zhu Yuan Zhang was the emperor of China . True story or fable? It is still a mystery!