Iron Boat Peak

Iron Boat Peak is 962.8m above the sea level and is a sandstone sliding fold. The crust rose, forming peaks. Subsequently, the thick formations were pulled by strong tectonic powers and slid a long distance. Iron Boat Peak was pulled here at the time Lushan rose. At least four rock formations were pulled and piled on top of each other. Later, the mountain cracked and weathering shaped the formation into this peak.

Legend has it however that the peak was formed during the Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD) from Xu Xun’s flying boat, a boat that was pulled by two giant dragons and saved the lives of Xu Xun’s people from slaughter. Having previously told the people to close their eyes during the flight, the boat is said to have fallen from the sky when they opened them. The wreck became Iron Boat Peak . A rare happenstance where legend and geology coincide.  Our ancestors have always known where the wreck came from.